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The Josh Astrop Podcast is a weekly long-form podcast where we ask interesting and successful people what they do and how they got there.

#125 Mark Ormrod - Royal Marine, Invictus athlete (and medallist), and author.

July 12th, 2018

The Josh Astrop Podcast - #125 Mark Ormrod

Mark is our very special guest this week. Mark is a Royal Marine, Invictus games athlete and medalist, sponsored athlete, performance coach, author, motivational speaker, father & husband, amongst other things!!!

It really was an honour to talk to Mark. I first learnt of him through his book ‘Man Down’ (link below), which is a fantastic read. Mark was hit by an IED while on patrol in Afghanistan and has since gone on to achieve, inspire and win medals.

A great source of information on the situation surrounding his injuries is the Mentors for Military podcast episode he recorded, you can find that here -

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